Archtop de Lutan Archtop de Lutan
Archtop de Lutan

This is Not an Archtop!... (well, okay, not in the traditional sense)

I’ve always felt that the archtop guitar has more in common with the violin-family instruments than with historical guitar designs. 

It seemed only natural that a more in depth study of violin making methods might reveal some interesting ideas that could be applied to archtop design.  I found that the noted London viol maker Richard Meares created instrument tops in the late 1600's that were hand "bent" to shape, then carved to final dimensions.

Could this idea be applied to modern archtop making?  And, if so, with what results?  This triggered my interest in creating an archtop with a bent wood top, and the result is the "Arch de Lutan."

“Lutan” is an Old-English word meaning “to bend,” and describes the most prominent feature of this new guitar: a tone plate made from thin staves of wood which are hand-bent, joined, and carved to shape. 

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